Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

What a day it was!!! We went to church and I bet I was one of few women to have 37 kids tell me Happy Mother's Day at one time!! I love my job!

Then we had a little cookout here. Layne's mom and his sister and her hubby were there. It was at my house. We had pork-chops(well, they did) and corn, potatoes, a beans. The rolls were delish! And the best part- I was too pooped to cook and I didn't have to! My mother-in-law and SIL did it all. Layne did the grilling and I got to sit back and just hang out with my BIL, who is my brother-from-another-mother. I love NED!! And it was great to just be in the room with him. Anyway, I had bought some clothes for the kids to give me and then Layne surprised me with gift certificates for clothing and food! I love my family!

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