Monday, May 11, 2009

Daniel's new hair!!!

Okay, well today I had dinner ready when Layne got home. This isn't something radical but when I say I had dinner ready, I mean it was being taken off the stove as he walked through the
door. I was syked!!! So we ate. Then we were all hanging out on the couch and Daniel mentioned he wanted a haircut. So it was destiny. We located the clippers and all went outside to say 'farewell' to Daniel's hair. And I mean 'FAREWELL'.

So Layne starts with a good guide on the clippers(no this isn't a "the guide fell off the clippers story") and Daniel's hair got shorter. But it really wasn't a dramatic new 'do. So, I insister we go shorter. And we did. Pretty short in fact. I believe that there isn't a guard to go shorter. And Daniel loved it. He didn't like the itching of the hair falling on him, but he trusted mommy and

daddy to take care of him. Layne did great. The haircut looks fantastic and his head will be so much cooler.

Nice Mowhawk!!

A little worried??

Once I got him inside to wash him off I realized he hadn't seen his hair. So I held him up to the mirror and he screamed with delight. He liked feeling his head, as do his sisters. He enjoyed the bath and feeling the water trickle off his back. He likes how it feels on his pillow. I think the only problem is that Rachel doesn't seem to recognize him but that will fix itself in time. Or if not, she will always wonder where her first brother went and why we replaced him with a bald kid.

A little armpit hair never hurt anyone!!

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  1. This looks like you guys had too much fun! Thanks for your very honest and real comment you left on my blog. What a lesson. God is so merciful.