Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daniel's Birthday

Okay, to answer the big question, Yes, Daniel's actual birthday was May 1. Due to unchangeable circumstances, we had to move the party to the 9th. So we had the big shin-dig tonight. But it wasn't big. We decided to scale down this year. We only invited families with kids his age and family. It was great though. Very laid-back and relaxed. He had 3 friends there his age and then their brothers and sisters. It was so nice to be able to actually talk to all the parents. I don't think I have ever been able to do that. We had hot dogs of course, I can't cook much else and I can only cook hot dogs if my wonderful hubby is there to grill them and I just serve them with a smile. I made a spider man cake thanks to my buddy Misty lending me all her awesome cake decorating tools. My cake didn't turn out as great as hers but I am not as talented as her. I think that she possesses some sort of trait that allows her to great at everything she does. I am so jealous. I am a mediocre type person. I am not great at anything but I continue to try. The cake was obviously spider man, either because if you squinted really hard you could see it or because everything else was spider man so people assumed the cake was. It was okay, I had to keep it in the freezer and it got a little....frozen. Imagine that.

Daniel had a blast running around with his friends, eating hot dogs, cake and ice cream. He had fun seeing everyone and was excited about everything.
He opened his gifts with zest and graciously thanked everyone for gift as he put the gift and the paper all back into the bag neatly. He was especially thankful for the gift of clothing, holding up each item and smiling. He took time to read the cards and say something special about each person in attendance......okay, so he tore up everything he could, yelled vacant "thank you"'s to the crowd, threw clothes on the floor to get to the toys and had no idea who gave him what. But he is three people, what do you expect???

I was content to see him eating his cake normally, opposed to his cupcake disaster at his friend Reese's party. I guess he thought he was a lion and the cupcake was a poor defenseless gazelle. He stared at the cupcake with a look of accomplishment and then smooshed it into his face and growled loudly with victory. Cake went flying, blue icing was permanently etched into his face. I had never been more proud of my boy. Then I quickly handed him over to Layne and as daddy rushed him away to wipe up the evidence of the cupcake massacre,(so the other cupcakes didn't get scared), I took the time to make sure everyone knew that behavior came from Layne's side of the family.

Yes, boys are special.....mine is no different. He is my joy. I love him so much. He is sweet and wild. I wouldn't have it any other way. My boy is three.....

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  1. Great job on the cake girl and Daniel looks so cute!! You are an amazing mom!!