Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Life seems to take over and I seldom have time to do the things that I really want to...such as blog. Autumn was filled with activity. Ella Cate turned 6. We spent our last Thanksgiving and Christmas with Pop, who passed from this life in February. Christmas was eventful. The kids got new bikes. Well, not Rachel. The girls got big girl bikes with no training wheels. They can't really ride them at our house due to elevation concerns. So they have been able to ride once.
2011 began with great enthusiasm. I just knew we were going to have a great year. It has been fairly good. The kids have taken to sharing stomach bugs with each other on a weekly basis. I was so tired of being home that I pleaded with God to make them well so we could venture back into society. So on Valentine's Day He showed His love for me by giving me this dear wish...He flooded my kitchen so that we were forced to live as vagabonds by day for a whole week. The new floor does look nice!
So we have now been 2.5 weeks with no sickies!!!! Well, that is only true if you don't count Layne who has taken to being sick each night but I feel that his illness is due more to his inability to realize that he is older now and can't keep going!! haha

I am doing well. We are going to be having baby number five this summer if all goes well. We have to wait another 2 weeks before we find out what we are having. Everyone is hoping for a boy so that the bedroom situation will be easier.

Layne has just finished his first year of organizing Upward by himself. God urged me(and I heeded - willingly) to step back. He knew there would be a baby coming. So Layne suffered the long days and nights alone this year. However, this program is worth the effort. He did great by the way.

Lilly is 7 and is becoming a good student. She has a want to read now that can't be satisfied yet. Her possible dyslexia is popping its ugly head out quite often but she realizes that there is a problem and is now mature enough to begin to take action.

Ella Cate is becoming quite the young lady. She wants to help more around the house than do schoolwork and since she isn't technically old enough for the county to care, I do allow her to pass on her studies some. She is finally wanting to be outdoors more. I think she feels that we have a handle on her medical issues and she is more comfortable with it all now.

Daniel is a wild child! He wants to do school but doesn't want to sit. He wants to be a lizard keeper but can't stop suffering from lizard attacks. This kids claims to have been bitten by a snail, scratched by a lizard and scratched by an ant with a huge claw. Just yesterday a Lizard clamped onto his finger and wouldn't let go. It doesn't slow him down though. He cries momentarily and then is right back out there. He will be trying out the sport of Tee-Ball this year...we will see how that goes.

Rachel is known as the "gremlin". She likes to be told no or be restricted from something...then she sneaks back to do it...laughing. She is also very matronly already and calls all of her babies "Ruby". She loves to hold a baby doll, rock it, sing to it and then throw it down for a nap. Daniel is still her best buddy and she searches for him first thing each day.
I am again going to make writing on here a priority. Not because I believe people actually read this...but because I like to get my ideas out there and adults are hard to come by in a world filled with kids...the world I live in.
Well, I plan for my next post to be deep and meaningful. Maybe...