Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WOW - I hadn't realized that my last posting was before Ella Cate was admitted to the hospital. So much has been going on.

Ella Cate was very sick back in April. We ended up rushing her to the hospital and she stayed for an entire weekend. It was a very exhausting process. She still isn't back to normal. She gets tired very easily and has a very odd look in her eyes. So, we will soon be visiting a special doctor to make sure her lungs are functioning correctly.

Daniel has been moved to inhalers from breathing machines, however, the pharmacy won't fill one of the prescriptions...why you ask? I don't know. But they haven't gotten it right yet. I guess he doesn't need it right now. He also turned four and we had a little party. He loved it but was upset b/c I forgot to invite his new best buddy - Westin. Plus it was a cowboy party and he forgot to wear his boots. But he did have fun. However, the only parts he remembers are those 2 I mentioned above.

Lilly has graduated from first grade. I was going to go all out and have a big party but I am out of time and energy. I am soooooo glad homeschool is over. We will still be doing school throughout the summer but not on a daily, sit-down and work it out basis. NOTE - SHE CAN READ!!!!!

Ella Cate finished her first grade work also - She can read also!
Rachel has become a constant companion. She won't leave my side. This has good parts and bad parts. She has become very whiney and she falls and busts her mouth open at least twice a week. She did it twice yesterday. Since her tooth is half gone, she open up that space between her teeth each time she falls. So, blood goes everywhere. It looks horrible and as I am cleaning her up, people are looking at me as if to say "One wrong move and I'll call DFCS" but she isn't really hurt, she just can't go long enough to let that place heal.

Layne will be taking the Middle School group at church to a camp this weekend without me. I coudn't find a sitter so I will be hanging with the kids. I think the girls and I might do some fun things to celebrate school being over.

I don't have much going on. Just camps and retreats during the summer. I have a new machine someone donated to the Kids Group - a cricut create. I have been doing all kinds of stuff on it and have revamped my camps to allow me to use this awesome machine with the kids. I think they will love it.

VBS is approaching - Bring the kids!!! We are going to have a blast and the crafts are going to be the greatest!!

Sorry I got no fun or cool or funny news - Just life happening - I had a Thrity-One Party and lots of people came and we had fun. My house is clean. Rachel is in a twin bed. Daniel is in a tent. The kitchen is almost done(waiting on my BIL to help me add some doors btu he is heading to TX this week).

Life is happening and it is happening fast. I can't make it through the day without my Lord. praise God that we can enjoy this life and look forward to the next one.

Now I have to go - I have about 47 million things to get done before church tonight. I promise to add some wonderful things over the next week. When I am not tired from working out.

Oh yeah - I got up and worked out this morning - Ella Cate walked in and told me I looked like I had lost a lot of weight...So the workout was over!!! yay!!