Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well - Rachel had to have an abdominal xray today. Just a precaution we think...we hope. We are praying that this is just something that needed to be done so that we can figure out why her tummy gets swollen and she has such problems with...well, poop. So this is just an update for you all to know she is doing fine....in fact, the 4 shots she got at her check-up today were the worst part. **Sniff sniff---- Gross, perhaps the poop issue has resolved itself...Need to go change a diaper.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Party

at the park the next day

Okay - so I last posted that it was Lilly's 7th birthday and we were very excited. We got the food ready(Stouffer's Lasagna) and the cake(really bad for you homemade icecream cake) and the gifts bought(yep - last minute). Lilly had lunch with Grandma J which ended up being all day because they took Old Pop(Layne's grandaddy) to a med-stop and waited for 3 hours.

Well, they fianlly made it home in time to find a giant inflatable cake in the drive-way. The we came in and ate. DELICIOUS!!! We went outside to give her her first gift - A hitchhiker to attach to DADDY's bike(not mom's) which she loves!!! She can ride and not pedal...hmmmm I sense a lazy streak happening here.

While outside, Ella Cate posed for some pics and then realized she was covered in ants...just one bit though. She panick though, this was not her first encoutner with ants. She ran inside and had to get a bath.

Once she was done we opened gifts to give Uncle Ned time to eat. He hadn't planned on coming due to classes but got out early and came over. After reading his card about how sorry he was for not being there.....it was cake time!

Rachel quietly reads a book - unaware of any upcomng danger....yeah - she is 18 months old and can read - we homeschool (KIDDING)

I got the cake out, placed the candles on it and took pictures....So happy that this party was going so well. I was very excited!!! The kids were too. The soon began sing the Birthday song and Lilly blew out the candles. I turned, ready to cut the cake and celebrate....THUD!!! CRYING!!!! SCREAMS!!! YELLING!!!!! - What happened? Had I dropped the cake? No. Had someone fallen? Sort of.

I ran back in to take charge of the situation...Ella Cate had been standing on the sofa...she fell off...Lucky for her Rachel broke her fall...unfortunately for Rachel, the fall broke her tooth.
I gathered her into my arms and tried to wipe the blood away. Her teeth looked funny(we didn't know it was broken yet). My mind raced back to 2007 when Lilly had to have her tooth removed for falling and forcing it up into her gums....Oh no!! her teeth just didn't look right. I told Layne and he pried the child from my hands. He finally sees her tooth is broken. Grandma J does a finger sweep and finds to tooth. Her others are loose. We are devasted. Ella Cate is sure she has killed her sister and is crying in her room(where she was forced to remain all night). In the midst of calling dentists and scolding kids, Lilly looks up as says "This is the worst party ever!"

Before - isn't she adorable - see her cute teeth??
After - still cute but different....
Sorry Lilly Bean but it will never be forgotten. We will make it up to you. We will go out for a fancy dinner for the whole family, and we will not ask to sit in the back or near the restrooms. We will not get frustrated as you make messes at the table and end up not eating your dinner. We will dress you in diamonds and pearls and treat you like a Queen...oh wait, I will just take you to the park and let you play. That will do it.

**Rachel is fine - teeth tightened up- cracked tooth is not sharp
**Ella Cate is fine - emotionally shattered but fine
**Lilly - got to go to the park - she is happy(and lost a tooth herself the next week)
**Daniel - most likely doesn't remember it happened.
**Layne - survived -- but his stress level was raised about 4,000 notches
**Sandy - well - I am fine - not much happened to me!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Lilly

Lilly is 7 today!!!!

(Keep scrolling)

Mommy and Lilly on her second Easter.

Why Uncle E will never dress her again...

Lilly stole all the candy!!!

Her second Easter....

Cupey baby

"Sleeping" on the church steps

WOW!!! I have been super busy. I spent 2 weeks re-painting my entire kitchen...I painted everything and I will post pics soon but I have been a bit busy and haven't cleaned or done laundry in 2 weeks....so PRIORITIES!!!

Anyway, today my Lilly-bean turns 7. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were eating dinner at a friends and her 6 month old was jumping on my belly trying to get her new best friend out. The next morning, I knew it was time so Layne called in to work and we headed to the hospital...but they sent me home and said to rest. So I did for a few hours but the contractions were getting closer. So we headed back. They let me stay. I did over-exaggerate the pain because I did not want to have a baby at home. It was my first baby and I was scared to death. I ordered an epidural right away(mistake) but I soon could not feel my legs....if only the pain were in my legs. So, I laid there for hours...waiting. And then it all began. Everyone got ready and within moments...and a few "Holy Moley's" Lillian Gabriella Chastain was born. She wasn't breathing well on her own so they rushed her away immediately but she recovered quickly and I was allowed to hold her. Then Layne was permitted to parade her through the hospital to show her off to friends(they don't really allow that anymore). She was born late so we didn't have to worry about visitors that night. He and I were able to rest while they kept her in the nursery(mainly due to the breathing thing) and we got to go and visit her through the glass. Then they let us have her back. She cried A LOT!!!! Not loud but a very sad noise that I couldn't handle after such a long day so we sent her back...and slept. Oddly enough, she slept also. She slept each time we sent her to the nursery...so we sent her alot. Everyone came to visit and it made me very happy. Going home was a treat. We had banners and food everywhere. And my baby girl made my life complete...this tiny thing that I thought was going to be the end of it all...was really just the beginning. She has been a blessing ever since...sometimes, blessings come in a storm...which is mainly how she blesses me. She is hard-headed and is a perfectionist. She is Layne all over and I suffer trying to figure her out...but I would be lost without her.

Right after she was born, I remember looking up at Layne and saying, "Let's have another"....but boy-oh-boy, I didn't mean just 18 months later.


Lilly and Annie - Best of Freinds

Lilly and Isaac - true love??

Happy Birthday Sweet-Bean!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seven Year Itch

Okay - there will be no new posts for a few days or pics right now. I went insane and decided to re-paint my kitchen, hallway, bathroom and living room. along with raising four kids, homeschool, homemakign duties, and my part-time job at FEC. So, last week, my BIL sanded down the cabinets and window sill that were....well, lots of colors. I primed a lot of stuff and have a painted a little bit. Painting is tough with 4 kids home with you. I primed some things outside Friday and when I finished they were white. When I went back to check they were the prettiest shade of Pollen Yellow. So, God just wanted to brighten up my day by coated everything we own in my favorite color. Love it!!!
So - I hope to post pics but since I forgot to take before pics....we will see. But it will look great. And if it doesn't, I will post pics of someone else's kitchen and you will never know :)