Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seven Year Itch

Okay - there will be no new posts for a few days or pics right now. I went insane and decided to re-paint my kitchen, hallway, bathroom and living room. along with raising four kids, homeschool, homemakign duties, and my part-time job at FEC. So, last week, my BIL sanded down the cabinets and window sill that were....well, lots of colors. I primed a lot of stuff and have a painted a little bit. Painting is tough with 4 kids home with you. I primed some things outside Friday and when I finished they were white. When I went back to check they were the prettiest shade of Pollen Yellow. So, God just wanted to brighten up my day by coated everything we own in my favorite color. Love it!!!
So - I hope to post pics but since I forgot to take before pics....we will see. But it will look great. And if it doesn't, I will post pics of someone else's kitchen and you will never know :)

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  1. you are so funny! wouldn't you know, i took on a project this weekend, too- the girls' room. i've been pulling down wallpaper, patching cracks and holes in the wall, sanding and painting. now i'm sewing four comforters and painting canvases! are we crazy or what!
    sorry about the pollen-yuck!