Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Lilly

Lilly is 7 today!!!!

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Mommy and Lilly on her second Easter.

Why Uncle E will never dress her again...

Lilly stole all the candy!!!

Her second Easter....

Cupey baby

"Sleeping" on the church steps

WOW!!! I have been super busy. I spent 2 weeks re-painting my entire kitchen...I painted everything and I will post pics soon but I have been a bit busy and haven't cleaned or done laundry in 2 PRIORITIES!!!

Anyway, today my Lilly-bean turns 7. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were eating dinner at a friends and her 6 month old was jumping on my belly trying to get her new best friend out. The next morning, I knew it was time so Layne called in to work and we headed to the hospital...but they sent me home and said to rest. So I did for a few hours but the contractions were getting closer. So we headed back. They let me stay. I did over-exaggerate the pain because I did not want to have a baby at home. It was my first baby and I was scared to death. I ordered an epidural right away(mistake) but I soon could not feel my legs....if only the pain were in my legs. So, I laid there for hours...waiting. And then it all began. Everyone got ready and within moments...and a few "Holy Moley's" Lillian Gabriella Chastain was born. She wasn't breathing well on her own so they rushed her away immediately but she recovered quickly and I was allowed to hold her. Then Layne was permitted to parade her through the hospital to show her off to friends(they don't really allow that anymore). She was born late so we didn't have to worry about visitors that night. He and I were able to rest while they kept her in the nursery(mainly due to the breathing thing) and we got to go and visit her through the glass. Then they let us have her back. She cried A LOT!!!! Not loud but a very sad noise that I couldn't handle after such a long day so we sent her back...and slept. Oddly enough, she slept also. She slept each time we sent her to the we sent her alot. Everyone came to visit and it made me very happy. Going home was a treat. We had banners and food everywhere. And my baby girl made my life complete...this tiny thing that I thought was going to be the end of it all...was really just the beginning. She has been a blessing ever since...sometimes, blessings come in a storm...which is mainly how she blesses me. She is hard-headed and is a perfectionist. She is Layne all over and I suffer trying to figure her out...but I would be lost without her.

Right after she was born, I remember looking up at Layne and saying, "Let's have another"....but boy-oh-boy, I didn't mean just 18 months later.


Lilly and Annie - Best of Freinds

Lilly and Isaac - true love??

Happy Birthday Sweet-Bean!!!


  1. How blessed you are! Happy birthday to Lilly!

    Vicki King

  2. Happy birthday to Lilly. Annie will be so sorry to hear that we missed it:(
    I loved the picture of Annie and Lilly and I really loved seeing and reading some of your "history". Can't wait to see kitchen pictures.