Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, the countdown to school is on. I am going to spend the majority of today preparing for it. I hope to convince my mom to watch some kids this week so I can take the oldest two out into Macon and show them around. Our first unit is on cities. It seems a bit boring and we learn about rocks and things. However, if I can get them out into the city to see how it works, then it might become interesting. We are also going to the local state park to find rocks and view erosion patterns....YAY!!

Little Man is coming along quite nicely. He is sleeping better but still likes for me to hold him non-stop. I have a sling for him but I am not sure it is going to be a great school accessory. We will see.

Buddy is going to begin kindergarten here and so he is excited. I hope I can keep his joy going and not turn him into a school h8tr.

My Little Ray of Sunshine is becoming a handful, more so than usual. She has decided to try to put the potty behind her and regress but I have some tricks up my sleeve. Today I explained to her that if she can't use the potty properly, she can't hold Little Man. She calls him Little Dude. When that wears off, I will use her best friend, C as my hold out. We will see.

EC is becoming more like her old self. This past year has been difficult for her. She is now getting her appetite back. For a while I was worried that she would dwindle to nothing but she is back to normal almost. She used to love school but being around older kids and hearing them moan and groan, she has taken up the habit of it. However, she is eager to read so I think she will love this year of first grade.

Bean...well I just don't know what to say. She is a great helper when she wants to. Problem is..she just doesn't want to anymore. She is content to do nothing. Even when she excels at something, like piano, she bails out. So, praying for this one extra hard because she needs a boost.

The hubby and I are doing great. I am doing an intense workout series trying to gain my strength back. The kids pile into the living room and workout with me. So it is like I have my own class at the gym. Daniel likes to flex his muscles so I usually have him do extra push ups to gain some upper body muscles. I can't wait for him to flex one day and a muscle really pop up!!

So we are doing great!!!

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