Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jacob has arrived

Well, after a very long and strenuous pregnancy, Jacob Martin joined our family on July 25 at exactly 3:00. He weighed 7 pounds 4.5 ounces. He was 20 inches long and his head was a tiny 14.5.
I can still remember back in Novemeber, feeling as if I was pregnant again. It wasn't quite in the plans but I was happy. I took one test on a Wednesday and it was negative. I decided to wait for about two weeks before I took another one but I could not wait that long. I took it that weekend...it was positive. However, telling Layne wasn't going to be easy. So I knew for a few weeks. Then after we left his sister's house for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, once the kids were all in bed for a nap and he was utterly exhausted...I told him. He was shocked but he was smiling. And really, who can't smile at that point? A new baby was already growing. The Lord has already begun to form Jacob in my womb.
With this pregnancy came a lot of pain in my hips and I struggled with my usual iron deficiencies. That made me very tired but I tried to save up my energy for VBS and things. I did pretty good. I had some issues with my moods and how irritated I get with people. I didn't have a large threshold for dealing with people so I cut down on how much time I spent with others. It worked out.
Then July came. I was ready any moment. I wanted to wait untl Jacob was ready to come but my doctor insisted on inducing so I went along. I didn't get an epidural...so if you are contemplating that route...it is rough but worth it. Call me!:)
Of course those who know me understand that pain meds have never worked well on me. In fact it was pain meds that caused me to say mean things to a man named Travis Tritt one time in an elevator..Sorry about that Mr. Tritt!
Anyway, the Stadol they gave me caused me to have a pretty bad reaction. The nurse said she had never seen or heard of anyone having such an odd reaction. I kept forgetting to breathe(bad sign)and I kept falling asleep. If it weren't for the contractions I think I wold have slept through it all. I mean I was having severe contrations, Jacob was in position to be pushed out any second and I would fall asleep for brief moments. But he came out...almost falling to the floor but my doctor is pretty fast and caught him. I got the shakes which apparently is common with those who do not get epidurals but they should at least tell you that before you begin to think there is an earthquake happening only to realize you are the only one moving sparadically around. Then I fell asleep. I didn't hold or really see Jacob until I was in the postpardum room. The doctor even spoke to a friend and the other doctors in his practice about me because after I had Jacob I didn't speak to anyone, I didn't answer his questions, I just rolled over and didn't even look at Jacob. I guess he thought I was going into depression. It was quit funny when I told his co-worker that I had been asleep. She laughed.
But Jacob is perfect. He sleeps great. He prefers his bottles. He needed the extra iron. I had been warned by the doctors that nursing him would be near impossible due to my iron issues this time. I am fine with that. He is adorable.
Daniel loves to admire him and kiss him and talk to him. Rachel loves to hold him for a few seconds, claims he poots on her and then says "Get him offa me!"
Lilly and Ella Cate have been great. They each have fed him one bottle. Ella Cate loves to take his clothes off and pick out new ones but she doesn't put them on. Lilly loves to snuggle his face next to hers.
I am content to hold him forever. He is beautiful. I am so thankful to God for these little blessings that He gives to me. I know I dont' deserve to watch over His children, not even for one second. Now, my job is to raise these future Gopsel spreaders with love and compassion, discipline and direction and with Godly truths that this world can not tear down.

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