Friday, August 5, 2011

Life with 5ive

Well, the transition from four kids to five has been very easy so far. Jacob sleeps a LOT!!! That makes it easier to get things done. He likes to be held and I like to hold him. So that does cause some issues. I am waiting for a free(well $11.00 s/h) sling to come in that is supposed to work great for small babies. That way I can work and hold him. I think I may be completely smitten with him. Last night i cold not put him down. I mean, I did for a while then I just sat and waited for him to cry. Then he woke up to have a bottle and I could no put him back down. I cried and cried trying to make myself just lay hm down. I finally just laid down with him on the couch until I got my fill. Then I got up and laid him down. So obvioulsy the hormones are still in effect.
He is cute as a button and his hair gets a wee bit more red each day...I am getting used to it. If he gets the least bit upset, he turns bright we have our work cut out for us.
The others love him. Each day they run in to see him. They 'ohh' and 'ahh' over him and kiss him all over. Rachel can't leave him alone. It is crazy.
But I like it. I think five completes us. I feel so fresh---after a rough time being pregnant(bc i like control) I finally feel as if i can get started with the rest of my life. The holding pattern is complete.

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