Friday, February 12, 2010

Well- believe it or is snowing in Macon!!!!! I know!!! We have been playing non-stop. We have made snow angels, snow balls, a snowman, had snowball fights(adults) and went tubing. It has been a wonderful day and I wish it would happen more often. I hate that it is dark and we can't play anymore.

Aunt Melanie and Lilly went on a Winter Wonderland Adventure in the back woods.

The were very still for the picture...almost frozen.

Ella Cate was the first to make the snow angel. Beside her is the sign we made for Fort Chastain.

Old Holton Road

This is great!! I think Rachel is a snow bunny for sure!!

Young love!!!


Uncle Ned - the best Brother-in-law ever!!!

Evil Grin!!

YAY for the SNOW!!!!!!

Daniel threw a snowball at Aunt Melanie. It was hard to get him to stand still for a moment!

This first picture is of the kids with out school calendar where we were finally able to use the snow for our weather spot!!! Next to that is Layne with a goofy grin.

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