Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's been a long time

Oh my!!! I can't believe that is has been such a long time. I have just gotten busy with life and had so little time for anything else. So I guess I should update a bit.

Layne - still working all the time and working hard. He is working as a commercial tire salesman and he does lot sof the behind the scenes work at FEC. He is there 7 days a week, after he is done working his other job. He is amazing!! He comes home exhausted. I am blessed to have such a wonderful man.


Well, our struggle with school has calmed down for a bit. She was allowed to visit Veritas Academy, a local school for homeschool families and she enjoyed it. However, she quickly realized she has a lot to learn before she can return. So her hopes are that next year we will allow her to attend. Which we have decided to consider, but the ultimate decision is up to God. Lilly is currently reading fairly well and she excels in math. She is also playing basketball and enjoys her Wednesday night class; the only time she is away from her entire family!!

Ella Cate - Ella Cate is now five and she is WILD!! She has little fear but such a big heart. She wants to learn all the time and travel. She knows we can't go anywhere special so she has been begging people at church to let her go home with them. She loves animals and her bestest friend, Katie. Her imagination is flourishing and she is always willing to help me around the house. She is a cheerleader this year and finished her first year of soccer in the fall.

Daniel - Well, well, well.....I am just unsure of what to say. This boy is always on the go. He never stops! He loves to play and he loves when there are boys around to play with. His bestest friend is his Cam right now. He loves motorcycles and dinosaurs and anything boyish!! And he is learning his colors and shapes.

Rachel - Well, this kid is amazing. She has been attending physical therapy to help with her low muscle tone in her lower body. So, she has gone from crawling on her belly to standing alone in just a few weeks!!! AMAZING!!! She loves to stand and will walk if she has assistance. She is beautiful too, just like her sisters. I have finally been able to put her hair in bows and it is hillarious.

Me - Well, not much. I haven't really done anything noteworthy or special. Just the same ole run of the mill sort of stuff. I work and try to clean the house and cook. I teach. That is really it.

But I am posting pics of us all and the video of Rachie standing, if I can figure out how to. I will update againt tomorrow. We have a field trip for school and it is going to SNOW!!


  1. So good to see you post on here!! Your family is just beautiful-they are so blessed to have you as a mother!!

  2. WOW girl! You've been busy on here! I'm lovin' it!