Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Beautiful

Last night, our power went out. As I lay on the sofa, staring out at, the brightness of the new fallen snow I could not help be become contemplative. I thought about how beautiful it was and how it must been even more so to God. I am sure He enjoyed looking down on us as we played yesterday and made tracks in the snow. I know He loved all of the prayers sent up by children of all ages, praising Him for His goodness. And then, as everyone piled into their homes to warm up and rest their bodies, He allowed the snow to continue, covering up all proof that we were ever outside. Fresh snow was all around. No footprints, no sled marks. Just a snow man remained. Pristine and untouched. I wondered what the Garden of Eden must have looked like. Surely it was a thousand times more beautiful. I thought about the flood that covered the earth and what it must have looked like from above. I wondered if for one moment, God looked down and smiled at how beautiful this world can be. I know I did.
And then the morning came. It was such a queit and beautiful morning. I walked around and took pictures of the landscape. I looked up into the snow filled trees and noticed they were already melting, ever so slowly. I thanked my Lord for the fact that I am washed white as snow and that my sins, ever the ones that still beat me down, have been forgiven. When Christ looks upon me, I am white as snow!!! And so I am beautiful in His eyes. How AWESOME is My GOD!!!! That He would take a being as dirty and defiled as me, and love me, call me to Him and wash me white as the beautiful snow He allowed to drift into our lives yesterday.
So, as I realized how precious I am to God, I took pictures that I wanted to share here.

My kids enjoyed the SNOW/ice.

Rachie didn't enjoy the outside so much!

But she enjoyed the inside.

Treacherous Driveway!

I always wanted a white christmas - guess I will have to settle for a snow covered tree from the year before.

I love how trees look with the snow or the ice on them. So majestic and beautiful. At the same time, they strike fear in my heart because they are so dangerous.

I love this!

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