Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So, Lent has begun for many. I am sure many of you have already chosen your "thing" to sacrifce. I have heard many ownderful ideas: Facebook, coffee, soda's, tv, work....just to name a few. Before I explain what I am giving up, I want to clear a few things up first.

Due to my personal veiws on certain things, I will not longer refer to it as Lent. I have decided to take this up as my own struggle and will be calling it "40 days with God". To me, calling it lent put too much attention on that fact that I have given up something for God...oh how wonderful I am. Also, I think that in order for me to fully do what needs to be done, I have to remind myself of what the purpose is. I am spending 40 days with God.

I do participate in Lent - like activities. I am not Catholic and do not support the Catholic church. I an a Christian but I do like the idea of sacrificing something for 40 days just as Christ did in the desert. .

In the past, I have given up tv, all drinks besides water, fast foods, music, coffee, desserts, pretty much the same things everyone gives up. Now, I am in no way implying that if you gave up any of those things then your sacrifice is no good. Those are great things to give up. Anything that takes up time that could be otherwise given to God is worth giving up. But for me, this year needs to be different.

It is easy to give up all drinks but water. I like water. So the sacrifice is there but minimul for me. I rarely watch tv and when I give it up, I don't use that time for Christ. So that just didn't work well for me. Giving up fast food isn't really a sacrifice since we don't eat it much. So this year I found myself at a loss. What could I give up? How do I spend my time? Well, I find a few minutes a week to blog, be on facebook, check email and such so that wouldn't be a sacrifice. Part of me wishes to give these things up so I could rest and not work so much. Which leads me to the other way I spend my Can't really give that up. I thought I had it when I decided to give up laundry and use the hours each day I normally spend washing and folding, rejoicing God that I didn't have to do it....but that wouldn't be a sacrifice. So what to do?????

Well, ar first I thought this was God's way of telling me I was good. There was no need to give up anything for Him. I mean, come on, this isn't a must do kind-a-thang. I am not Catholic. God hasn't given me any ideas so I must be in pretty good shape...right?

Well, not really. He had been laying something in my path for a while that He has deemed no good. it sin't something that I spend lots of time with. But the after effects do take up lots of time and mind power. There is somethng in my life that I don't necessarily put before God, but it takes up time that could be more wisely spent. It would be a hug deal to give it up. It will be hard. It will take almost an hour-by-hour sacrifice. Something that has already, this morning, proven it will take every bit of will I have in order to follow through... I have given up processed foods....yes people - I have gone insane and for 40 days and 40 nights I can't eat anything that tastes good. Some of you are out there screaming "NO!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!" - but I have already committed myself with a breakfast of raw carrots. Those of you who really love me have just thought about the fact that my birthday is coming on March 7th. What will I do?? I can't have the icecream cake I have been craving since last year. Will I survive?? I just don't know. Right now, on the table beside me is a pile of Valentine's candy that is calling my name. Perhaps just a taste won't hurt.....GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN!!!!! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So I will be fine. I will be eating lots of Raw things. I will not be giving up milk...I just will not. I also will consider frozen vegies to be fine since freezing them actually helps the vitamins in them stay strong. So, until Sunday(apparently the day of the week you can have anything you want- someone explain why please??) I will be preservative free!!! And I will not cry and scream uncontrollably at meal times....I will thank God for the food and I will spend lots more time with Him than normal since I will have to rely on Him to get me through the cravings....
See you in April!!!!

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  1. How did this not come up when you were over the other day. I could have fed you so much better! I'll be praying for you!