Saturday, August 29, 2009

Polically Incorrect Correctness

Another day, another week...and what have I to show? I did go buy the rest of the new dishes that I found on clearance at Kohls. I am so excited. So if anyone needs a bunch of Corelle MY GARDEN dishware and accesories, let me know. I want to sell mine. I might try Ebay. I had a great babysitter on Monday who allowed me to get stuff done for our first day of school(Sept.1).
The house was clean at points. The kitchen was clean one day, the living room another. I had a sick Ella Cate on Wednesday so I missed church. Can't take a sweetie who is vomiting....too many people at church who can't get sick right now. Continued the battle of the thumbs. Trying to stop Daniel from sucking his thumb has been a loosing battle but we haven't retreated as of yet.

And just when the mundane-ness(I have a Master's degree- it is a word) seems to be winning, my kids throw in a curve ball. Tonight, Daniel stayed up front with Layne for his breathing treatments. The girls had to go on to bed; I just needed to know that I had some control somewhere. So I read to them about Elijah and Elisha, which led to the inevitable questions about Heaven. Lilly wasn't really in the conversation. At this point, she is content with her knowledge of Heaven and isn't really interested in knowing more, she is just anxious to be there. She continually tells me that she can't wait to get there to see Jesus and to play music with Landon for Jesus. Plus, she still says that Ella Cate might not be able to play becuase there are no plugs in Heaven(in their pretend band - Lilly is the guitarist and Ella Cate is the keyboard player-thus the need for an outlet). So Lilly just lied down in her bed and listened.

Ella Cate however became very anxious over the fact that she couldn't have Chewey in Heaven. She got very frustrated that her room wouldn't be there and other things of that nature. I explained to her that there would be no need for Chewey in Heaven because she would have Jesus to hug and would never be scared and need a stuffed lovie for comfort. Not much help. I even excitedly told her all about the fact that Jesus is preparing a place for us there so we won't need our house. She simply rolled up into a ball and cried. I backed away. What had I done? My baby was scared of Heaven and I was making it worse. What sort of mother was I? This week was a flop. Nothing had really been accomplished the way I wanted it to be.

A few minutes later, Ella Cate came sniffling into the living room where I ws sitting. She came up to me and whipsered, "Mommy, in Heaven, will we have to listend to Barack Obama?" I laughed and told her most likely no, in fact I felt pretty sure that the answer would be absolutely not. She smiled and scampered back to bed. Funny, perhaps her fears were politically founded. Perhaps she was worried that the health care reform was going to follow her to her grave. Just knowing that she could now sleep peacefully made me feel as if I had done my part as mommy. I had provided my little girl with a happy thought to help her drift to sleep. I gave myself a mental high-five and was on 'cloud nine'. Have I finally arrived as Mother-of-the-Year material...I think so.
Then Lilly came walking in and I thought, all right, I can help her feel better about life also and I will really be the best!!!! "Mommy, do we have to listen to Barack Obama on earth?" RATS!!! "Yes, baby, he is the President of the United States, we do have to listen to him." The sad look on her face as she slowly sulked back to her room said it all. No, not Mother-of-the-year yet. Not even close. Maybe next time.

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