Monday, August 24, 2009

Burden of debt

I have issues with debt. It bothers me. I do not like to owe anyone money. Now, this post is not a pleading for money and it no way should be conveyed that Layne and I are being sent to the poor house and are financially unstable. That is not true. We are doing just fine right now. But we have debt. Debt makes my stomach turn flips.

My devotion this morning hit home. It asked me to look into what I am asking God for and why I am asking it. Then, if I am not receiving it, look for a reason in my walk. I am receiving what I need, but I have been asking God for a little more so that I could buy things that I just can't live without. That need hasn't been filled. Mainly because it isn't a need; it is a want. God can give us our wants, so why hasn't He given me this? Simple - I want the extra money so that I can buy things that are not needed while I owe money to various entities.

Matthew 7:7 - "Ask and it shall be given you...." - Now I understand how to ask for this specific item. Ask GOd to bless us with a little extra each month to put towards our debt. Once we are DEBT FREE, then I can begin buying thngs, with cash that is.

Now, don't walk away thinking we are moving to the poor house - just look at the above picture and you will see that we are blessed beyond our wildest dreams. We have four healthy and happy kids and a church family to support us and a pastor who is involved and invested in us spiritually. Plus, we have a Savior who deemed us worthy of His calling. PRAISE GOD!!

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