Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost time!!


While all of our friends are getting up each morning and either taking their kids to school or getting ready for home lessons, we are still in summer mode. Just today we went shopping with a friend and then headed to my mom's house to relax and play.
The kids played and kept mom busy while I ordered home school supplies online. I did much better money wise this year. Instead of the $500.00 plus I spent last year, I spent a measley $105.00 this year.

We will be doing Explode the Code for reading, A Bekka for Science and Grammar, Ray's Arithmetic for Math and using various online and home-made supplies for Spelling, Social Studies and Writing. Our Bible content will come from the BIBLE. I know, I am really stretching here but I think I can read it and explain the facts to my kids.

We are going cheaper this year, it just seems to make more sense. I have really been stressing about their knowledge and whether or not they are going to be able to keep up with their peers. it has been a rough few weeks of thought. However, I recently talked with a good friend who spoke words of golden wisdom when she told me that I should take a look around me. Think about the families of Landon and Abby and then decide if stressing about whether or not Lilly can diagram a sentence is really that imporant. And no it isn't. She will catch up eventually. Right now, I am going to do what I can, and let her be a kid. Let her learn to love God above all else and make sure she understand her faith. Sound crazy??? Sure, will TLC Discovery Channel be calling me to join the other circus freak families they find to be on their channel ?- who knows!!
All I know is that now school begins in a few weeks and I am excited, no longer stressed out.

Stay tuned - I will be uploading pictures soon!!

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