Monday, September 3, 2012

September is here and that means that school begins for us. This year I will be teaching fourth grade, second grade, first grade, K-4, running a nursery school, teaching all subjects from Math to Sketching, from Dance to Science. I will be teaching home skills, manners, sewing, cooking, cleaning, house keeping, PE, cake decorating, cookie decorating, scouting, gardening, canning, horticulture and mulch more(haha- mulch - get it??). I will be teaching our newest student to talk, walk, run, and jump. I will do all of this, keep the house perfectly clean and have dinner ready each night by 5:30. Also, this year I will be adding a family style breakfast Tuesday-Sunday. I will of course be continuing my part-time job as the Children's Director and Middle School Director at our church. How will I do this?? Easy - the very first thing I will do each morning is take time out to be with my Father and Savior. I will spend time with Him first. Then I will do an exercise routine. I think it is possible....I will find out Monday. I must be honest, I am excited to see what gets accomplished and what gets pushed aside.

I have learned so much this summer...mainly that I love Fall. The Lord has been guiding and directing me along the correct path and I have strayed little. He knows that this summer was not a good summer for me to be apart from Him. I can't wait to put into practice all the things I have learned.
The above picture is from the first day of school 2011....I can't wait to put up a new picture and see how they have grown!!!

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