Monday, May 28, 2012

Well, I truly know that no one reads this blog so I use it for myself. If you happen to run across it...sorry to disappoint, but there really isn't much here to change your is about changing mine. My mission now is to get through summer but to ahcieve  major goals....this all begins tomorrow.
Goal #1 - get my kids caught up in reading, writing and math. I am not concerned about history, science or social studies right now.
Goal #2 - get in shape - I am done having babies and now I need to keep up with the ones I have.
Goal #3 - travel - I want my family o get out of town more
GOAL #4 - create and stick to a household notebook....this is the task that is fully reliant upon I hope it works out.

I put it all here in hopes that I will make myself accountable...but who knows.

**Of course I have some major spiritual goals but those are for me and my eyes only right now.
My goal tonight- get my notebook ready for tomorrow.

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