Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well, here I am again. I just can't find time to get one here. Although I do think that I will this summer. We are going to school through the summer even though my allotted time with the county will be finished. I am worried that my students will loose all the juicy stuff I taught them this year. Okay, most of the details are already lost but the main points are in there...somewhere. We will be doing school just two day a week and the testing on Fridays. So it will be open and we will enjoy it. With VBS and other things going on, a full work week just wouldn't be ideal for our family.

Here is a run down of how we are doing.
Layne - working and at the church non-stop. we are lucky to see him.

Bean - Reading very well, just not reading very often. She doesn't enjoy it. I haven't found a book she wants to read. I may take her to the library-alone- so we can browse uninterrupted. I know she will love reading once she truly develops those skills. Right now, she is emergent. That just means that she only reads when she has to...but that will all change.
She has decided to take up sewing and since her mama doesn't know how to do it, she has signed up for classes at a nearby store.

EC-Oh boy!! She is a nut. She has decided that humor is her "thang". She loves to tell jokes and has begun silly pranks around the house. She keeps us laughing. Her artwork is getting better and I am glad. She didn't place in the google thing but I can see that this only motivated her for next year.

Buddy - WOW! What can I say? He is wild!!! He loves to do school and he is very quick in math. He still likes to snuggle and is great with the baby. This kid is really a superstar.

Ray- She keeps is smiling. I love to hear the silly things she says, sings and plays. Her imagination is so much brighter than any of our other kids. She is wonderful...and full of trouble. She never obeys and always has a reason. She will keep us busy.

Little Man- He is growing fast. Crawling, babbling and trying to always be in the middle of the action. I couldn't have been blessed with a better baby to end my birthing career.

We are all doing great!!! The Lord is faithful! 

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