Friday, October 21, 2011

So, you think that you are such a bad person that God can't use you?? Well, you haven't met my God. He used a toilet today to speak to me. :)

We were frantically trying to clean the house up and have things looking nice before Daddy arrives home. I ordered each child to a different room with a job. Bean, being the oldest was given the honorable job of the hall bath. Now, before you get your knickers in a knot, she doesn't clean the toilet, she just straightens up and wipes the counter area.

As I was giving out jobs, our youngest Daughter, our Ray of Sunshine runs up and exclaims that she must use the potty NOW! So I asked Bean to help her. That was the extent of my order. In my mind it was clear that I meant for her to put the potty seat on the toilet. End of story -- nothing more.

A few minutes later I hear Beanie chanting, "You can do it! Get that poo-poo out! You can do it, girl! Go Rachel - Get it out!" I laughed to myself and ask what she is doing. She replies, "Helping Rachel like you said."

Well, how sweet. She thought she was obeying me. She thought she was dong just as I had asked. I asked her to help and she was doing what she thought was needed. But in doing so, she was not doing the other things I had asked her...she wasn' doing her job.

This got my mind going. Was I listening to God? or do I talk too much...was I doing what I thought would help instead of what was asked of me? If I get confused, do I ask Him to clarify or do I just do whatever? Am I allowing the Holy Spirit to be heard or am I yelling so loudly over Him my questions and concerns that I can't hear His ever-so-soft answer?

Sometimes I know that I am talkign over Him...that He is clearly leading me one way and I just am not ready...or at least I don't think I am. But God knows best. He always leads me, gentley scolding me along the way. I must learn to follow Him more closely and not let my sin-filled heart take charge.

Yes, all of this I got from the potty. Haven't heard God speaking to you lately? I don't think it is that He has stopped talking. It might be that you are not listening, not seeking Him. God has spoken to me through friends, the Bible, sunsets, mountains, and now He has used the toilet.

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