Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Schooling....

How do I know that Home School is working? I get asked this a lot. I know it works because I get to see the lightbulb turn on when my kids finally figure something out. For most moms, their kids come home from school and can count to ten. They are excited and they count it out over and over. For us, I am the one who makes then recite their numbers and look at flash cards and count lady bugs. I am the one who cries secretly because it has been two weeks and the kid still goes from three to six. However, I am also the one who is sitting there leading a lesson when my child counts from one to ten correctly and stands up with their hands raised above their heads shouting "I did it!! I did it!" and we all clap then have them count again. So I gladly trade two plus weeks of tears and self-doubt for ten seconds of joy. It means more to me becuase I see the struggle they go through. Counting to ten or whatever the lesson was seems to be a blip on most people's daily lives but on the map of my life, each little blip is a moment of rejoicing in the Lord because He has opened their eyes to something new.

But you want proof....okay. I will give you a quick glimpse into the brains of my children...BE WARE - this may cause you to run to your local school, yank your kids out and teach them yourselves.

My Ray of Sunshine's alphabet- __________ and _____________ sitting in a tree. K I S S I N G H I J K LeMeN O P T U V W Y Z

Bean's Columbus day Theory - Teacher(me) - So, if Christopher Columbus sailed such a long time ago, is there anyone alive today who was alive when he was sailing? Lilly - Yes, Grandpa Stone.

Buddy recognizes his numbers - "Mommy, look at that sign, I know what letter that is!" I reply

"Oh, wonderful! What letter is it?" Daniel proudly states "Mommy, that is the letter zero!"

Ella Cate singing the Grin Again Gang song - "Green Green Gabels, Smile Sweetly Satan go away...and that is all I know"

So see people - these children are the furture! and you too could have amazing results just like these if you wish just by keeping your kids at home and filling their heads wth all the stuff you know and hoping that at some point in their lives they meet someone else who can fill in the blanks and put the facts in order.

But seriously - I do intend to come back to my computer tonight and write a serious story about how home school is changing our lives. But with five kids at home with me 24 hours a day - I can't always be serious!

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