Friday, September 30, 2011

Septemeber is gone

Well I am not sure of what happened here. I seems as if just yesterday I was beginning school and we put up our September calendar heading. Sadly it is now time to take it down?? WHAT?? So here is what we did in September -
School began and it is going great. It isn't perfect and trying to add our Little Man to the mix is very rough. Some days it all just happens(through the Lord) and some days we have to simply stop. Bean is reading more fluently but is still stuck in the Dick and Jane books. We tried a new book this week to no avail. Similar words in a different print style. We will contnue. EC is doing wonderfully. She is learning to read and write and she can actually sound out her words where as Bean can't. Buddy is coming along. He likes to read the letter zero! :) He is learning though. He likes to count for strangers and when he sees a number he has to just yell it out. Letters are not happening at all yet but they will stick eventually.
Ray - well, she is still a handlefull. I have things for her to do during school but she prefers to be the teacher. She likes to sit in my lap or in the other kids seats but never her own desk. We are woking on obedience.

Yesterday was Ray's birthday. She is now three. She had wonderful day except that we went to the Doctor that monring for her and Little Man's check-up. Everyone ended up getting hots(except Lilly- she got the flu mist) but Ray had a bad reaction and ran a good fever and cried all night. So did Little Man. But since Layne was out of town, we didn't even really celebrate her day big. We did give her gifts and Grandma came over because I forgot to tell her there was no party but we had fun. We were supposed to go Apple Picking today but with two ill babies, I pass.

What a month..I guess it didn't fly by so fast. I look forward to what the Lord has planned for October.

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