Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our first day of school was today. If the entire year goes this smooth...I might survive - I mean we will have great fun! Bean is beginning third grade. Her reading is improving and might be considered borderline first grade. So to begin her and EC together will be good. EC of course is beginning first grade. They will have some areas of work that are almost identical and then some that aren't. Bean will be learning cursive in a few weeks which is a plus in her book. EC will not. However, Bean has a few more writing assignments and projects - that she is as of yet unaware of.

Buddy has begun kindergarden. He loved it all! He was so ready to write and read and color. I was impressed with his zeal. He was ready for recess though when it was time and then wanted to come back for more. He liked the math. Math U Can See. I am trying it with all the kids this year. How will i go? I guess we will see :)

My little Ray of Sunshine was great. She sat patiently waiting for her instructions. She loved sitting in her "little Deskes" She color and drew like there was no tomorrow. She went through her flashcards. Only one fatality...it is with great sorrow and remorse that I sit here and type that we lost purple crayon this morning. He was a good wax stick. He did his best to turn the blue skies purple...He added a beautiful hue to all that he met. His life with us was just a short few minutes from box to trash. In his honor I am thinking it would have been appropriate for some purple rain to fall today. Or at least a purple haze.

In the afternoon we did a lot of outdoor activites and we made apple cookies...no way you nutrition minded psychos!!! We did not learn about good healthy food. We dipped oreo cookies into melted red candy and stuck pretzels and fruit snacks on them. See, I try to be ahead of the times with my teaching. Right now, the big push is for nutrition in school, for less obeseness and more health. Well, I can see a mile down the road. This will be like all school trends. In a few years some genius will do some reseach and find that we are better off feeding kids cookies and candy. So I am gonna go ahead and being that band-wagon...feel free to jump on at any time. I say Free the Fritos!! Toss the Twix! Suck up the Sneakers!! and Obliterate the oreos!!! Don't tread on my decision and my choice to fill my family full of sugar and MSG and numerous other things I can't even pronounce!! VIVE the SUGAR!!!

Sidenote- we had grilled chicken and green beans for dinner

plus another apple oreo for dessert- HEE HEE

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