Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I can see clearly now

the rain has gone...

Well, things have gotten a lot better. The Lord heard my cries and He has let me know that He is here. I think being stuck inside with sick kids nonstop was getting the best of me. I am praying we are done with sicknesses. Daniel's little stay in the hopsital was rough. However, the weather has changed. Things are a beautiful shade of green outisde. It feels as if the wintery scales of my heart have been peeled away. I have had some sad news here and there; friends moving, sickness, death...but God is always there to show me things from His perspecitve, which is always so refreshing.

We are almost done with our first and most likely only year of Veritas. Don't get me wrong. Veritas Classical School works great for some families...just not this one. Lilly is the only one who was attending. The curriculum was way too deep and too much for a second grader, in my opinion. I am all for teaching kids as much as they can know but I do believe there are times to teach some things. Why does my second grader need to know about the Byzantine Empire and she can't even find Georgia on a map?

Our school days are winding down. I am excitedly searching for new curriculum. I have decided on a few definate items and then again, I keep looking just in case I missed anything. I am looking forward to next year and school with my three oldest...not sure what I will do with the other two but we will figure it out!

So, my journey seems to be on a smooth uphill. I believe I am past the rough and tumble areas for now. I know they will appear again. My pack seems lighter. If only I had the courage and boldness as to ask the Lord to carry my pack...I know He wants to. Proudly and foolishly I trudge on...hopefully, if the pack on my back gets too heavy I will finally hand it all over to Him. For now, I am thankful for the smooth road, the beautiful scenery and sounds around me. I look back over the cliffs and precipes I have passed and come through. Part of me wants to run...part of me wants to stroll and take my time. This is a nice place. A good way to rest but keep going. I know that if a boulder or fallen tree doesn't appear in my path soon, I may get to comfy and bored. But for now...I walk quietly with my Lord.

It's gonna be a bright..bright..bright SON shining day!!

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